Overweight is the major problem that is found commonly among the people across the globe. The overweight is otherwise called as the obesity that is identified by calculating the body mass index of a person with respect to the age and height of that particular person. These kinds of people often suffers from the various kinds of diseases like heart diseases, leg pain, bone gets affected and so on. Therefore, the people who are suffering from these issues are often choosing the procedures that could help them in losing the weight. There are a lot of procedures that are being developed by the medical industry to solve the overweight issue. One among such remedy is weight loss surgery called the gastric sleeve that is usually carried by the experienced doctors, a brief about the gastric sleeve is given in the website https://bariatricselect.com.

What is gastric sleeve surgery?

The gastric sleeve surgery is the kind of laparoscopic surgery that involves the reduction of the entire stomach size into 15%. The surgery is mostly recommended to the people who are having their body mass index is 30 or more than that. Sometimes this surgery is even recommended to the people who are facing the very serious health issues or even related to death because of the overweight. This surgery is the highly working one and is irreversible process, this is because, here, the stomach is cut into sleeve and is reduced to 15% or less from its original size.

What is the procedure that is involved with this weight loss surgery?

 The gastric sleeve surgery is usually done laparoscopic that is usually carried by initiating the incision on the stomach for about 1 inch. Before which, the patient will be given the general anesthesia followed by the incision that is made by the doctor and then the laparoscope is inserted in the stomach. This tool is designed with the light and a minute camera that is connected with the computer monitor. During the surgery, the doctor will cut the segments that are required and design the stomach in the shape of a banana.

The patient can now feel the weight loss gradually after the surgery, this surgery stops the patient from taking more food, and they feel the fullness as soon as they take food. In this way, the person loses weight; the surgery involves resecting the portion of the stomach that releases the hormone which induces the appetite feel. The total time taken for the surgery is around one hour to one and a half hours but actually varies from person to person.

Benefits of gastric sleeve surgery:

There are various advantages that can be experienced by the people who have undergone this surgery. They are as follows:

  • This surgery helped in improving the two types of diabetes cases that are associated with the candidate.
  • The person who has undergone this surgery never gets hungry and gets the feel of fullness which is often the satisfying one.
  • The issues like hypertension are solved and there is nothing to worry as there are no foreign bodies inserted in the stomach.