In the 21st century, when you are looking out for the dentist, you check if one is knowledgeable and caring and whether they explain everything in detail and have the modern and advanced dental equipment.

With the technological advancement in the 21st century, there are different dynamic, advanced dental pieces of equipment available that allows a dentist to check your teeth and also get gum recession treatment thoroughly. At the same time, as a patient even, you can have a look at the problem and result of the treatment with the digital output, making the dental treatment a different experience now. Here’s a small depiction:

Silent Drills

Usually, the drill or the handpiece that a dentist uses makes loud noises, which traumatizes the patient more than the process. But nowadays you get silent drills that have more precision that lowers the noise with its well-balanced turbines. Also, the balanced ball-bearing reduces the vibrating movement. It leads to a pleasant experience for both the dentist and the patient.

Intraoral Camera

With the new intraoral camera, a tiny digital camera helps the dentist take a click of your mouth from inside, covering 360 degrees, giving a clear picture of minor issues. At the same time, as a patient, you can see them as enlarged pictures on the screen, and gum recession treatment can be given quickly. It allows you to get aware of the problem area and how the procedure will take place.

Panoramic Radiography

Panoramic x-rays take a picture of the entire mouth and jaw from within covering each area. This gives the dentist a broader perspective of the issues at hand. This machine is movable and controlled centrally, making it easy to place it. The results allow the dentist to take a proper recourse to treat any problem, be it fractures, tumors, infection, etc. Since you can view these images, it makes you aware as well.

Digital Oral X-rays

The x-rays help the dentist detect any issues hidden inside the mouth that can’t be detected by a naked eye.

There are various angles and views of x-rays that a dentist takes to get a clear idea of the problem inside the mouth. The latest x-ray technique gives less radiation, and it is very precise in its work. It can instantly show the results on the screen for your viewing.

Automatic Vital Sign Monitoring

Gum recession treatment can be stressful for everyone; a patient may have other health disorders; thus, a dentist must check important signs digitally during the process. If any change occurs while the treatment is in process, it helps to take corrective action.

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