Duromine is a drug which has been recommended for use in people to lose weight. It is one of the oldest prescribed drugs which are present in the market which has been used for this purpose.  It is not for people who want to lose a few pounds of weight to reach their goal weight or to get lean muscle mass. It is recommended for obese people who require theloss of weight to avoid other health issues like high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes.  There are many success stories revolving its use which proves the effectiveness of the drug.

The active ingredients of Duromine

The active ingredient of Duromine is the drug Phentermine Hydrochloride. Apart from it capsules also containgelatine, carbon black, lactose or liquid paraffin, titanium dioxide and magnesium stearate.  The combined effect of all these components helps a person lose weight so effectively that it has been nicknamed “legal speed”. Of this, the most important component is Phentermine which is a psychostimulant that belongs to the group of amphetamine class. Duromine is safe to take for loss of weight, and it is an FDA approved thedrug for treatment of obesity.

Care should be taken while theuse of the drug as Phentermine is classified as Schedule IV drug both by FDA and UN convention of acontrolled substance. It is always advised to use this drug after consultation with the doctor. It is better to consult the doctor to find the goal weight that you should target for as it varies between different individuals.

Pros and cons of Duromine

Any person who has started the use of Phentermine would feel more energetic. This is because of the increase the metabolism rates of the body.  Doctors often recommend the use of Duromine coupled with achange in the diet plan. During the use of this drug, it is necessary to restrict the calorie intake in the body so that it leads to degradation of the fat cells in the body to produce energy which is required for the muscles.  This coupled with regular exercise can lead to loss of weight of the body.  There are some cons to its use also. It at times leads to headaches, restlessness, dryness of mouth, diarrhoea, changes in sex drive. It is recommended to drink lots of water during the use of this drug.

Availability of the drug

Duromine is a prescription based drug which is recommended for use by obese people. It is a psychostimulant kind of a drug which is used to control one’s appetite by stimulating the hypothalamus which increases the synthesis of certain hormones which leads to this effect.  With the help of a prescription,Duromine can be available in the pharmacies easily. Efficient weight loss in people can be seen which as much as 20lb a month. It is due to this effect it has been nicknamed “legal speed”. The actual weight loss depends on the diet that you are following. In addition to regular exercisewhich causes increase in physical activity. This also leads to increases the metabolic rates of the body. Care should be taken to prevent any harmful effects by the use of the drug.