The fitness classes and workouts have moreflavors and variations than tea shops. Whatever might be your personality, taste, and location, the technology and techniques in the fitness world keep evolving. The technology has induced manufacturers to come up with innovative fitness equipment matching to people’s expectations.

Hong Kong is a place where people believe ‘chasing perfection will result in getting excellence’. People also specifically love taking care of their body and health by joining gyms. It’s a certainty that you can find out latest signature fitness classes & workout trends in Hong Kong. Here are some ofthe latest fitness workouts:

Pro Cycling

Pro cycling is like virtual track racing class that gives holistic and authentic riding skills. It makes you an efficient and strong rider. It enhances your power, strength, speed, endurance, and increases the athletic presentation. This workout tunes your riding ability and prepares you well for the actual race through a series of mock cycling drills.

find out latest signature fitness classes & workout trends in Hong Kong

Freestyle Group Training

It’s a group training classes offering the intense and high-functional workout, planned to trigger, involve, and push your fitness limits. With this intensified freestyle group training, you’ll get vigorous results just by spending 30 minutes from yourbusy schedule.

Flow Yoga

This is planned to improve athleticism in your body by rendering 90 minutes of your day to it. The highly-skilled Yoga trainers will help training you intensively. It is helpful in improving imbalanced muscles and releasing compressed joints. It’s also a great treatment for enhancing blood circulation and mobility of your body.


This fitness class involves the fast-paced athletic drills and dynamic movement training. It’s assured that you’ll get maximum results in minimum time. The efforts put here increase the metabolism and fat burning capacity of the body. The power, reflex, and agility are improved by the athletic drills while the muscle coordination, strength, balance, and flexibility are enhanced by the dynamic movement training.


Yes, dance is also a form of exercise that maintains the fitness of your body. It’s the reason why most of the dancers are really active and athletic. If you love music and love to move your body this class is for you. The trainers’ choreographers break down the exercises to make a move out of it and assemble all the moves to make it look like a dance. So, start enrolling in these classes at Fitness First.

Muay Fight Pro

It’s the fitness training program where you learn workouts as well as a martial art called Muay Thai. This class helps you be fit along with knowing self-defense. It teaches you to move your body in all the directions with flexibility. The training and workout for this form of exercise gets more and more intense as the classes move forward.


Find out latest signature fitness classes and workout trends in Hong Kong and carry out thorough research on all of them. Join the classes which suit your personality and budgets the best.