Bone marrow transplant also known as stem cell transplant is a process in which the damaged bone marrow is replaced with the healthy ones for the smooth body functioning. Bone marrow helps to create red and white blood cells that fight against the immunity system and also helps to keep the body immunity system intact against the harmful diseases and disorders which our surrounding is coming up now days. As per the research made by health care center, it has been strongly recommended for the patients who have cancer or tuberculosis to ideally get such type of treatment to avoid further severe health issues in future. Generally the treatment involved in curing cancerous cells involves radiation or chemotherapy because of which the risk of bone marrow damage is more. Because of which alternately, such treatment is advised.

The cost involved in Bone marrow transplantation:

Primarily, for the patients who have got insurance need not worry since the insurance coverage includes such type of treatment cost. Of course, the best bone marrow transplant doctors in India can guide you well about the treatment process and the money involved. But to be on a safer side, it is better that you monetarily prepare yourself so that in ear future if such problem arises, you don’t have to struggle to collect the single penny for making the treatment payment. Generally the transplantation treatment includes the prices of the doctor, lab charges and the drugs that are needed. The surgery covers maximum 50% of the process.

How the price is decided?

The total price for the stem cells transplantation varies between $350,000-$800,000. The price entirely depends on whether the process is autologous or allogeneic. Autologous is the process in which the marrow of the patient is used again to treat the problem. Allogeneic is the process that includes the harvesting of the cells from a donor. Such type of treatment includes more money as compared to other since it includes the test of the donor to be done and the process that needs to be operated that includes anesthetics and admission in the operating room and so on.

A recent report that has been collected by the health care centers stated that the cost of organ and the tissue of the transplanted for the allogeneic bone marrow transplantation comes to approximately $805,400 total which of course is not a small amount. Besides, the overall cost of the pediatric stem cell transplantation is merely $175,815 which again is not a small amount but there is no denial to the fact that there is huge difference between both the treatments.

Of course, now days there are many organizations and schemes that have come up which offers better financial support. But you equally cannot deny the fact that such type of treatment can be physically, emotionally and financially draining out. If there are any issues detected with bone marrow make sure you first get the list of bone marrow transplant doctors in India who can help you provide better guidance and support during this whole process.