We cannot deny the fact that there are people, who just enjoy their lifestyle, taking different prohibited drugs out of fun. Some of them take these drugs regularly while some takes occasionally. What if you have gone for a job interview and then, you were hired. It is something to celebrate, right?

But, the sad thing there is that you were required to submit your drug test result. If six weeks or more already passed before taking the drug test, then you will surely get a positive result. But, if you just took it recently, then that is a worry. This is the reason why synthetic urine is exists.

If you are going to read or watch technews2day on cannabis, then you will hear stories that there are people, who had been taking illicit drugs and undergo drug tests. But, instead of using their own pee, they use synthetic urine as a replacement, which would surely give them a clear result.

How does it work?

A synthetic urine was basically designed for checking the urinalysis test strips consistency. It is a healthy urine that is composed of urea and uric acid. It has no difference with a normal or human urine. Because of this, it has been out on the market for drug test use.

When a drug user, regardless of how often he uses or how much he takes, will surely find this type of urine helpful, when he is going to have a drug test. If he will not use a synthetic urine, then he will surely have a positive drug user result. But, if they will ask you to do the drug test again at that same time, then you would surely run out of synthetic urine and fail the test, not unless you have brought an extra pack.

Do you know why this synthetic urine is healthy? It is because it is free from any type of toxin. Smoking weed will even be detected by test strips when you test your pee. But, using this synthetic urine, instead of your normal urine, then your test result will say that you have a healthy urine and that the urine is drug-free. That is such a great and a wonderful medical record for your future career, right?

The Common Mistake

One mistake that may happen to people, who would use synthetic urine is that using it without the right temperature. The urine is supposed to be warm, so you have to make a way to heat it.

You may use a microwave for at least 5 to 10 seconds to heat it up, but make sure that you will not overheat it. It will not work on a drug test if it is like a molten lava.

But, if you can find a special solution like chemicals to heat it up, then that is a good option. If you are interested in this vial, then you need extra resources. This will ensure the temperature of the synthetic urine, so it is good to have this.

Why is a synthetic urine used in drug tests?

Using synthetic urine is easy because when you were given the container and was asked to pee, the people in-charged will not actually send you to the comfort room and look at you while you are urinating. In that case, you are free to use the synthetic urine, right?

You just need to make sure that your synthetic urine has a high quality and really clean or free from toxins. If you can do this right, then you won’t worry about your smoking and drinking sessions.