Corona virus is considered to be the major reason for almost all the problems experienced by humans in current trend. The people are not only suffering from the health trouble, but this has also shaken the world economy to a greater extent. Hence in current trend, knowing about Corona virus is more important in order to stay safe and to find out the problem at right time without letting it to get delayed. Some of the most important things which are to be known about corona virus are revealed in this article. People who are in need to understand this virus in better can make use of the following discussion.

Is it new?

Many people tend to have a wrong assumption that this is a newly invented virus to mankind. But this is not the fact. This virus was pointed out several years back. But their potential was not higher like that one which is pointed out in current trend. The virus has undergone mutation and has burst out by creating a great threat to mankind. This is also one of the most important reasons for why the medication or vaccine for this disease is getting delayed. Since the DNA structure is changing, the scientists find it very hard to develop the vaccine for it.

Symptoms of corona virus


The most unfortunate thing is the symptom of corona virus is very common. Hence many people tend to ignore the symptoms by considering it to be the normal condition. In some cases, the corona viruses are tested positive without any kind of symptoms. Some of the common symptoms of this virus include dry cough, fever, loss of smell, loss of taste, breathing trouble and other related conditions. The people with these symptoms should never remain careless. They msut approach the medical experts and must move for the corona test. In case if they are tested positive they must isolate themselves and must carry out the treatment with the help of medical experts.

Direct medicines

As we all know, the direct medicine for curing corona virus is not invented. However, there are several other medicines which sound to be good for treating corona virus. The favipiravir intermediate is one such medicine which is widely used around the world. As this medicine worked out well for treating the Eubola patients, they are widely used for treating corona virus and the recovery rate is also found to be higher in this treatment.