As everyone knows getting braces off is considered as exciting moment especially for teenagers and it is providing both anxiety and enthusiasm. It is always crucial to remember that while getting braces off then your gums and teeth could be sensitive so you must pay extra attention to your dental hygiene and diet. Braces must be removed from teeth safely and best orthodontic instrument is useful to separate orthodontic adhesive from base of bracket. Once your orthodontist decides that your treatment is complete then your braces could be removed with the relatively painless and simple process.

To know about procedures of braces removal

In case you are looking to get natural smile then using braces are really beneficial to you for many reasons like prevent gum disease, helps with digestion, prevent injury and helps with self esteem. It is really useful in two ways such as make your jaw and lips more proportionate to your face and moving your teeth into the better position. Removing brace is not easiest task as you think. The tool which orthodontist might use to remove braces might cause feeling of the pressure but pressure might not cause pain. In case you are having question about does getting braces off hurt then it might not hurt while choosing best orthodontist. When it comes to the getting braces off procedure might include certain things such as

does getting braces off hurt

  • Orthodontist might use pliers which are especially to remove braces to squeeze each bracket at bottom and peel it off tooth.
  • If you are having bands which might stretch over individual teeth then it could be removed with pliers.
  • Once braces are off, there could be some glue or residual cement on your teeth. When taste might be unpleasant, it is simple process to scrape off glue which takes only five minutes.
  • With glue and braces gone, your orthodontist might want to go ahead and create mold for your retainer.

Everything to know brace removal process

Once all brackets are removed then remaining bonding cement could be removed by using dental hand piece. This kind of the hand piece is same tool that is used to repair cavity and pain is also minimal. After all bonding cement is removed then your gums might be slightly inflated. Choosing the best dentist is crucial one because they can only excellent quality of service to their clients so pick experienced dentist. Now a day most of the dentists are providing brace removal process and you must carefully pick experienced dentist. In a simple term, brace is the device which could be used to assist or restrict body movement. Removal of the braces might not difficult but care should be taking during treatment with braces in order to avoid breakage of appliances.