The breast biopsy is the common medical procedure in Los Angeles in which the breast tissues collected to check for cancers or other diseases. The procedure is done when doctors find abnormalities in the breast or when the women experience discomfort or other medical issues. Los Angeles is known for its excellence in medical science, and one can really find a plenty of clinics that offer breast biopsy in Los Angeles at the most affordable cost.

What is Breast Biopsy?

Breast biopsy is actually a process of examining any suspicious or abnormal growth in the mammary glands of the body. If a lump is seen in the breast, the tissues are collected by using suction method through a needle or through a surgical incision. The pathologist will then examine the tissue samples and identify whether it is benign or malignant. You must know that the benign tumor or group of cells is non-cancerous whereas a malignant tissue is considered cancerous and must be treated immediately. In order to treat the malignant tumors one needs to employ the conventional cancer treatment methodologies.

Usually women can understand and identify themselves the initial stage of breast cancer or tumor if they find any unusual lump in their chest. The abnormal mass of cells can be easily felt by the individual and most often is visible. When the patient is taken to the pathological center for breast biopsy procedure, the physician may carry it out in the operation theatre. Once the procedure is done, the patient may be sent home and may not need to be hospitalized.

The breast biopsy in Los Angeles can be surgical or non-surgical. However, the main purpose of the procedure is to collect sample tissues from the suspicious lump or the entire lump is taken out, which is also known as lumpectomy.

Surgical Breast Biopsy:

In the surgical breast biopsy, incision is required on the skin. On the other hand, non-surgical procedure includes techniques like vacuum assisted biopsy, breast needle biopsy, or fine needle aspiration biopsy. All types of breast biopsy in Los Angeles are done clinically or in the hospital, depending on the size of the growth to be inspected. Breast biopsy is mainly done to rule out the chances of presence of cancer cells or confirm its stage. Also, breast biopsy also tells us about the lymph nodes that can speed up the spread of cancer cells.

Core Needle Biopsy:

Core needle and the fine needle biopsy mainly used needles to collect tissues. However, the types of needles used in these two methods can vary. The core needle biopsy is thicker and hollow, while a probe is inserted in the vacuum aided biopsy. The entire process is guided by MRI or ultrasound and vacuum is used to extract the tissues. During the process, a local anesthesia may be used if required. However, it is mainly a painless procedure and there is no or minimum risks of complication.