You could be a little nervous before fixing an appointment with an imaging center. When you are looking for a diagnostic imaging near me in New Jersey, make sure you enquire the following from the center.

  • About the type of scanning technology they possess:

You should enquire from the center if they have advanced scanning technology. An MRI machine is better if it is a 3T machine. This is more advanced and makes your doctor arrive at a correct diagnosis. If it is a CT scan then the number of slices the machine is able to offer should be looked into. The more the number of slices, the better its quality. Even the minute details can be captured then. These days digital x-rays are available. Check if your center has one since it minimizes your radiation exposure. It also gives you better quality.

  • Facilities for young children:

MRIs and scans are not only done for adults but in children too if the need arises. The patient has to lie still while the MRI is done and this can be very difficult with children. They are given sedation to restrict movement but for this, your center should have an anesthetist. Make sure you enquire about this too. They may be available round the clock at the center or maybe called on special appointments on a need basis.

  • How they cope with claustrophobic patients: The fear of being confined is present in many patients during an MRI. It is very difficult to stay calm for them. You should enquire what the center does in such cases. Make sure you speak to the center about this in advance so that you can be assured of a comfortable experience during imaging.
  • When is the report given? Depending on the type of scan the time taken to deliver it also differs. Enquire whether they would be able to mail you or your physician a copy of your report. The CD of the scan can be obtained earlier though. If the scan center is far away from your place, it becomes difficult to visit again. So they should be able to mail you before you physically collect the report.
  • Specialized radiologists: Does the center have specialized radiologists who can give a correct interpretation of your scans, is another thing you should be aware of. The expertise of radiologists in sub-specialties and organ-specific specialties is an advantage.