Infertility is a very complicated disorder and it shatters the dreams of women to ever conceive and experience motherhood. But science has made its advancements and has developed the most effective treatment for treating this disorder but it is a sure thing that is no cake walk. There are a lot of women who consider IVF every year. It is considered as the most common and a very effective treatment to combat infertility and it involves a lot of persistence, commitment and definitely roadblocks. Therefore if you are also considering IVF, there are some important factors that you must know:

  1. Time took – IVF procedure is very time consuming and usually takes anywhere between 1 month to 3 months. But then it again depends on the response of your body to the countless medications. And during this time also, you have to prepare yourself. Some medications would be given to suppress the menstrual cycle and then ovarian stimulation is done, in the form of shots to push the release of eggs. In about 36 hours the eggs are released and then they are collected and left to grow for a weeks’ time. After that, the suitable embryo is selected and implanted in the women but without any form of surgery. In another weeks’ time, the doctor checks if the embryo is implanted successfully or not.
  2. Stressful process – Yes it is stressful and best centers of IVF in India motivate the patients to ask and have their queries cleared out rather than thinking and over thinking. It is best to do your own research and then ask the doctors on any aspect you are not clear about. There are a lot of uncertainties in this process but that’s typical. But it must also be considered that if you are stressed out, you are only making the conceiving process difficult for yourself. Choose good habits and leave out the bad ones like smoking, drinking etc.
  3. Moody all the time – IVF can make women feel grumpy and moody all the time since there are a lot of hormonal fluctuations going on in the body. In case you have severe mood changes and get very irritated during PMS, chances are that your body is hormonally sensitive. Women become more prone to postpartum depression and anxiety in case they are going through the IVF treatment. The things you will feel at the time of IVF will linger on even after you have given birth.
  4. The shot treatment may cause few painful side effects, but then it is nothing too extreme. Two major side effects being abdominal bloating and breast tenderness but then this is normal. Only in the case of IVF, it lingers on for more or less two weeks.
  5. It could take more than one cycle – It sometimes takes more than one try to conceive. The women undergo multiple treatments in the best centers of IVF in India to get pregnant. It is the most effective treatment that you can have to conceive so just be persistent and stick to it.