Today the situation is panic that we are supposed to stay alert in order to protect us from the harmful germs and viruses. In order to make it possible we are supposed to use sanitizers. The sanitizers with alcohol content are very effective that they can easily fight against the harmful germs. But the most unfortunate thing that is to be noted is the sanitizers should be used in the right way in order to enjoy its benefits completely without any constraint. Some of the most important aspects that are to be noted while using the sanitizer are revealed in this article.

Let it dry

One of the most common mistakes done by many people is they will not let their sanitizer to get dry once they are applied in their hands. The sanitizer should be allowed to let dry in order to ensure its functioning. In case if they are rubbed against any other surface when they are wet, they may not act effectively against the germs. Hence one should be patience while using the sanitizer. Since it will get only few seconds to get dried, one may not wait for a long time.

Greasy hands

The other important aspect that is to be noted is the sanitizers cannot act effective in case if the hands are greasy and too dusty. Hence one should avoid using in such circumstances. In case if the hand is too dirty and greasy, they should be washed with warm water. And one must also remember that the hands should be washed in warm water at least for 20 seconds. After removing all the greasy and dirty substances, the hands can be dried and the sanitizer can be used. This is one of the most important things which are to be noted by the people who are working in kitchen and in the mechanic shops.

Use widely

The hands should be rubbed properly while using the sanitizer. The sanitizer should be applied widely in the hands. All the regions should be covered without any constraint. The sanitizer should be applied between the fingers properly. One must also use them wisely in the nail regions. This is because the germs will easily get deposited in the nails. And from the nails the germs can easily enter mouth. Hence the nails should be properly cleaned each and every time.

Apart from these, one must always use the sanitizer which is properly tested and certified. The approval certificate should be taken into account for choosing the best sanitizer. There are many special hand sanitizer for restaurants. The people who are running restaurants can order these sanitizers in bulk through the online sources. This is one of the most important thing which is needed to run their restaurant in the safest way.