Every person during young age grows lush hair on the head that appears beautiful. But with age, they tend to lose out their hair slowly to become bald. But these days, due to wrong lifestyle, wrong choice of food and not taking care of the hair because of busy work schedule has only made people to experience dandruff and lose their hair. Also, the hair is prone to get frayed, dull or damaged if chemicals or hair dyes are used. Excess chemicals are likely to lead towards causing baldness. It is very much possible to know the ways and means to keep the hair healthy, soft and clean and to appear beautiful.

Some useful steps to clean the hair

It is important to clean the hair the right way on a regular basis using the right type of shampoos and conditioners. Knowing how and when to wash and style the hair is of utmost importance. Again daily washing will only dry the scalp out as the essential naturally producing oils known as the sebum is washed away by the chemicals present in the shampoo. Such natural oil that is produced by the scalp helps the hair to become shiny and healthy and hence, it should be safeguarded. Therefore, only ketomac shampoo is to be used that can serve the desired purpose. The hair is to be washed 3-4 times a week, so as to provide it with a break for restoring its original balance. In the initial few weeks, it may become oily. However, with time, it will appear healthy and vibrant like before.

Knowing the tips to take proper care of the hair is extremely useful and essential. Try washing the hair using cold water. If hot water is used, the hair is likely to get frizzed, leading towards development of split ends and its falling. But washing it with cold water is likely to retain its bouncy, shiny nature.

Proper importance and attention is to be given to the hair, since it is fragile and needs correct treatment and full care from time to time. After washing, pat the hair with a clean soft towel, rather than twisting it. Wide toothed comb can be used to comb the hair if it is tangled. Forcing the brush will only cause it to rip and break.

Avoid or limit usage of heat styling on the hair. Blow dryer when used needs to be on cool setting. Protective serum is to be used in advance.

Other ways to take care of the hair and scalp

There is present various ways by which the hair can be taken care of naturally. Make use of natural hair-care products like organic shampoo and conditioner for dandruff, coconut oil, she butter and aloe. Massage the hair with almond oil or olive oil twice in a month to restore shine and softness in hair. There are available plenty of personal hair care products which should be used after considering the specific requirements very carefully. This will eliminate dandruff and promote healthy scalp and shiny, bouncy hair.