In the modern era, the most common problems in society are depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. Even if modern medicine is doing a great job with the new illness, these are become more and more spread around the world, what many people like to call social illnesses.

There are many ways to treat them because every person is different, so the one who is treating needs to adapt to that person. There are many groups you can join that will help you build your self-esteem and help you get rid of anxiety. Groups have their advantage over a doctor at some points where you can share your thoughts with the people that are going through the similar thing.

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Seek help

The first thing you can do is to seek help. Finding out as much as you can about your condition, or how you are feeling, or what the symptoms and signs are, and what you can do about it is a huge step in the right direction. There are therapists, counselors, psychologists that you can talk to about how you are feeling and what your options might be.

The important things are to not isolate and don’t discount it. Don’t keep trying to talk yourself out of it. If you are in enough pain to read articles about it, take the next step and continue to move forward unless this is something that just happened for the first time. But, if this is a continuing pattern, the first step you want to make is to reach out and find someone that has helped people in the past.

Pay attention to your thoughts

We are experiencing life through our thoughts. Everything we see, hear and feel comes into our brain, and then it decides is it something good or bad. Learning to pay attention to our self-talk is super important. Neurologists are now able to measure the rate at which we talk to ourselves. The fact is that in every conscious moment we are awake we are engaged in an interior monologue.

There was a certain time in life when you caught yourself talking to yourself, and that is very normal. They say we talk to ourselves at a rate of 300 words a minute to a 1000 words a minute. It is a great tip to ask yourself what is that dialog that is going through your brain, is it positive or negative.

Learn to direct your thoughts

If you hear a negative thought, you have a change with that thought to talk back to it and basically support yourself. You do have that influence over your thoughts and it is powerful because what we think influences how we feel. Read more here.

The other thing in that area is to ask better questions. If you want to focus your mind, think of your brain like a heat-seeking missile, and it is always getting its feedback or its directions from us. And because of so many thoughts you have, there is a high chance of them to be bad, and then you have to ask yourself how to change it to something good. So, you need to reverse it and change it to something positive.

Care for your body

You need to care about what you get into your body because it also affects how we feel. So, if you are not giving your brain proper nutrients and you are filling it with caffeine and lots of white sugar and you’re not sleeping well, you will generally feel terrible.

When you get what is good for your body, your mind will also notice it and you will feel better in your mind. When your body is healthy it will affect your brain to be in a better state.

Develop a friendship with yourself

We tend to be very critical of ourselves, and if you are busy inside your thoughts of beating yourself up, scaring yourself, trying to motivate yourself by being mean, you are actually destroying your self-esteem. That way you are destroying your sense of identity and confidence and happiness in life. So, when you try to think of yourself as a friend, you will appreciate yourself more.