The major step taken by every woman across the globe is to prepare for pregnancy. Several things are to be taken into consideration to ensure healthy pregnancy. This should begin right from the planning stage of getting pregnant. Some things however, are found to be beyond human control upon which there is a genuine need to have firm handle. This way, it can be made sure that it does not get beyond control. It is only by having handy checklist of things to do and avoid during pregnancy that can lead towards healthy and safe delivery of the baby.

List to follow by women for pregnancy preparation

1. Visit the physician: One should not wait to get pregnant before visiting the personal physician. Rather, the appointment with the physician is to be schedule before even planning to conceive. The healthcare professional will run the necessary tests on the person to ensure that the body is in good physical condition to get prepared for pregnancy and delivery of a healthy, bonny baby. The physician will also advise about any potential complications which might arise due to the family and take into account personal medical history of the person planning to get pregnant. Also proper diet will be recommended so that both the mother and the baby are healthy and safe. Moreover, one should take the prescribed medicine during pregnancy on time and not fail it to avoid unnecessary complications.

2. Eliminating bad habits: Those serious to become a mother should immediately ditch all their bad habits. Otherwise, they may face complications and harm the child’s body. Unhealthy habits like smoking, drinking, poor dietary habits, drugs, etc. is to be stopped with immediate effect. These have been proved to lead towards birth defects and complications rising during labor. Artificial stimulants and caffeine should be eliminated completely during this stage. Even activities involving undue pressure and stress upon individual and physical state are to be avoided. It is indeed a critical step that should not be avoided or skipped.

3. Stocking up vitamins: Beneficial drugs during pregnancy, especially those containing vitamins and prescribed ones should be taken from time to time. Vitamins do play an important role, as it offers the pregnant woman with sufficient nutrients. It also helps to improve chances of giving delivery to healthy, bonny baby, while decreasing complications. An important supplement that is to be taken during this stage is folic acid, as it helps to decrease birth defect risks by about 70%. Vitamins can be taken individually, however, may prove to be time consuming and costly. Multivitamin can be an excellent solution, as it offers the body with plenty of benefits.

According to the popular proverb, “prevention is better than cure”. It is with proper planning in advance and taking few precautions that pregnancy can be made a delightful experience. If there are some queries, then it should be asked without any hesitation with the qualified healthcare professionals. They will be able to guide the woman planning to get pregnant to know the right ways, get the best medication and provide proper treatment for ailments, thus helping in efficient delivery of the baby.