You love your parents and grandparents dearly and you will do anything to keep them safe and healthy. But some of you might realize that your day jobs in the city may challenge the way you can take care of your parents and spend with them full time. Therefore, you enroll them in a home care facility. But the rising costs of this mainstream method has paved the way for the more affordable medical alert systems to come about.

Medical alert systems are emergency response systems in the form of devices that will allow your aging parents to take care of them almost independently and sometimes, even without the guidance of health care professionals. But of course, the latter has to be done with extreme discretion. Here are the top four questions to ask before buying this service.


1. Is Communication Part of the Services?

The particular aspect that you need to look out for when buying these devices is the presence of a VoIP or voice over Internet protocol service. This will allow communications to get streamlined between parties such as you, the emergency hospitals and the user. Devices that are used independently without a line that connects the person to the authorized providers of further medical care should not be your choice. Be sure that this package is included.

2. What Is The Range?

When you talk about the range, you speak about the device in relation to the spaces in your homes. Does you grandparent or parent need to move around the house? Do they need to occasionally visit the outdoors? When choosing the best medical alert services, these aspects still have to be considered.

3. How Will The Installation Go?

Devices like these are complex and not even an ordinary person can know the nooks and crannies about getting them installed in your homes. It is best that you are informed about guidelines on installing them or whether the medical alert provider will include representatives to come over your residences to install these. Along with these lines, you also need to know certain fees that come with it.

4. Do I Need A Landline Telephone?

The answer to this question in most cases is yes, but there are certain situations where special devices are used instead. For instance, there are certain companies that provide medical alert systems through a small hand-held device that connects the process through lines operated by major communication networks in the country. This requires no use of the landline.

Read Up On Reviews

More than answering these questions for you, perhaps one of the best avenues to get the most out of medical alert systems is to read up on reviews about them. Websites such as will offer you information on the companies that offer them and how other customers have experienced their services. In this way, you can help yourself make a list of the prospects and then narrow the list to just one, which will be your ultimate choice for the services. Never miss out on this opportunity.