Vietnamese people are proud of their culture and they show it by cooking their special traditional foods. They want the world to taste how rich their food culture is. By tasting their food, you will understand a part of their culture. There are many different Vietnamese food that you will find very different from all the other cuisines around the world. They use special ingredients to make their food healthy and delicious. The uniqueness of flavors and aroma of their food is making their food a trend to many people. For example, the Vietnamese pho is now very popular. They make people curious of what Vietnamese cuisine is. Here are some examples of Traditional Vietnamese food that they are proud of:


Vietnamese pho is the most famous noodle soup in Vietnam and many people, both the native and foreigners, love it. The stock of Pho is simmered for at least 8 hours to bring out the flavor of the soup bones. The noodle is made out of rice which looks like a linguini. It is topped with fresh thin slices of beef or boiled chicken. A basket of fresh vegetables and herbs are served on the side together with their traditional sauce,Nuoccham, and other condiments. Using the condiments, you will be able to add according to your taste. Pho is eaten mostly for breakfast but for many people, they eat it whenever they want to.


Nom Hua Chuoi

This is a perfect choice for most people who are on diet. It is a banana flower salad mixed with chili, lime, cucumber and other types of shredded vegetables. It is garnished with basil and peanuts. If you are on a diet, do not forget to ask the chef not to garnish it with peanuts. You can eat as much as you want since it is healthy and delicious.

Cau Lau

Cau Lau is a delicious thick rice flour noodles. It is topped with slices of meet and garnished with crispy fried rice paper. The soup is light and is flavored with star anise and mint. People from central Vietnam make the best Cau Lau. The soup is refreshing. It can be eaten between meals or for breakfast.

Bun Cha

Bun Cha is grilled small burger patties. It looks like meat balls but a little flat. It is served in a bed of cold rice noodles with fresh vegetables and herbs on the side. You can add as much seasonings as you like together with a touch of sweet sauce.


BanhXeo is a Vietnamese version of the pancake with a filling of egg, shrimps, bean sprouts and meat. It is wrapped in a rice paper with vegetables. A spicy dipping sauce is provided for you to dunk it in before eating. It is light and can be eaten in between meals but for some people who don’t like to eat much, it will suffice as a meal for them.


Most foreign people know this as spring rolls. Wrapped in a thin rice paper, a mixture of meat, shrimp or crab, bean sprouts, rice noodles, vegetables and coriander. There are different versions of Goi that you can order, if you are on a Vietnam diet look for Goi that is purely vegetable. The dipping sauce is usually with ground peanuts but you can request for a sauce without the peanuts.


This is the traditional Vietnamese sandwich yet with a touch of French. French introduced baguettes to the Vietnamese people during the colonization period. BanhMi is a French baguette filled with slices of meat, chicken or seafood. It is garnished with vegetables such as cucumber, pickled carrots, lettuce and herbs. A pate is added to make it taste even better. BanhMi is very popular in many countries all over the world.

Cha Ca

Cha Ca is a fish dish that is one of the most popular and delicious dish that the Vietnamese cook. The fish is sautéed with dill and green onions. The dill is a very important ingredient to this dish since it enhances the taste of the fish.


Miquang is made up of rice noodles garnished with spring onions, peanuts, quail eggs and shrimp. It is then leavened with flavored oil. This dish is very affordable among the noodles. It is a specialty that came from Hanoi.