Do you try to lose weight in your early fifties? If so, it is necessary to know before anything else, why our body will be more sensitive to weight gain.

The menopause is hormonal change, and as you may know, our hormones and weight management are closely linked.

I am not going to come back here on what menopause is, but to tell you why at this period of your life it is likely to store more fat and keep it there for a long time.

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Please Check Your Calories And Hormones

We hear here and there that to lose weight you have to start with a decrease in calorie consumption. However, it is a mistake. Our calorie requirements can not be lowered in such a short time.

The hormonal change that is intense in pre-menopause and menopause will have consequences on different types of hormones, in particular, Cortisol and Insulin.

During menopause, the estrogen and progesterone levels decrease, and our body will have more difficulty balancing its levels of cortisol and insulin.

This hormonal imbalance will have one major consequence: A decline in our sensitivity to insulin.

Insulin + Cortisol is a hot combination for gaining weight.

It is a dangerous combination for everyone, but even more for a menopausal woman who will be even more sensitive.

Insulin and cortisol are known to be responsible for storing fat in the stomach. Menopause will often result in a topical weight gain at this level.

In fact, during pre-menopause and then menopause, your metabolism slows down, your ability to transform what you eat into energy decreases, which facilitates weight gain.

You Can Reverse This Situation With PhenQ

Use PhenQ to speed up your metabolism and try to take it for at least three months. Your body and metabolism need time to adjust and find their timing.

If you add some exercise on top of that, you will start burning fat after four or five months. Sometimes it may take more, but to be honest, there is no way to have decent results in the first couple of months. You have to accept that and do your best to reset your metabolism.

Two More Steps To Make Your Life Easier

Step 1: Do not follow a low-fat diet

In fact, this is a classic mistake, because we are advised to eat the light versions of foods. The problem is that by removing healthy fats from your diet, you are going to help increase the hormonal imbalance already present at menopause. And therefore you will have difficulty losing weight and the fat stored on your of your belly.

Step 2: Double check the portions of starchy foods

There is a simple rule. Eat no more than 60grs (weight before cooking) of starchy foods per meal. For best results, try to have one meal out of two or three without starchy and higher in fat foods.

Note: You can lose weight without using PhenQ. If you train yourself on eating healthy foods and drinking a lot of water, you will change your body in no time. Diet pills can help you speed up the process, but at the end, the results are the same.