Knee injuries are painful and can occur due to many reasons. Most often a knee is injured due to overuse of your body, arthritis, bone problems or other types of problems. It can affect the bones, ligament, discs as well as the cartilage leading to different types of knee injuries.

Important signs of knee injury include pain and swelling of the knee area, inability to walk, tender sensation and inflammation in the knee region, amongst many others. Knee injuries can also occur due to a direct hit to the knee, fall or twisting o knee which can cause acute knee injuries. It is important to know the types of knee pain and its treatment which are listed below.

  • Types of knee injuries:
  1. Injury of ACL

ACL is one of the four ligaments known as anterior cruciate ligament which is the connecting factor for your shine bone and thighbone.  An ACL injury occurs to those who exert their body to the maximum on a regular basis. For example players whose profession is soccer, football, or any other game that requires a sudden movement to change direction.

Another common type of knee injury is a fracture which is an indication of a broken bone. Bones break when there is a heavy hit to the bone due to collision, fall or blow to the knee area. People who already have weak bones due to other conditions such as bone cancer, osteoporosis are more prone to a fracture than the normal population.

  1. Injury to the Meniscus.

The meniscus is the disc that supports the knee through a rubbery cartilage that absorbs shocks from any kind of damage that can occur to the knee. It most often is affected when you twist your knee while bearing weight due to sudden, jerky movements.

  1. Knee cap dislocation.

This occurs when the protection around the knee, which is the patella, slips and comes out of your knee. The dislocation may cause knee pain and injury affecting your daily movements.

Types of knee injuries

  • Knee injury treatments:

Some of the Types of knee treatment are:

  1. Knee injuries need a routine check-up from the doctor, rest, compression as well as elevation. Rest is compulsory at least the first few days of treatment.
  2. Physical therapy is also required if the injury is severe and takes a longer period to recover. It could be scheduled frequently in the beginning and the duration can then reduce over time.
  3. Operation or surgery is decided based on the severity of the problem. With modern technology, knee injuries can be fixed by a surgery with the help of an arthroscope, a camera that can identify the damaged areas which can make repair easier.
  4. Medications like antibiotics and painkillers are prescribed to speed up the process and prevent inflammation from occurring.

Each injury is very unique to the individual; hence the course of treatment really depends on what the functioning expectation will be. If the individual requires leg strength for his career, then the treatment will be scheduled accordingly.