A cartomiser is perhaps the most important component in your electronic cigarette. The contents in this cartridge are the ones responsible for the vapour you get when vaping. The cartridge is filled with a substance called ejuice. When the ecig is activated, the liquid is atomized and turned into a vapour which the user will inhale. To choose the liquid that is suitable for you, you should first understand the components that make up the vapour you inhale. The liquids available in the market have different compositions and when you know what each of it does, you can choose the one that will work best for you.

Components That Make Up E-Liquid

This liquid that is turned into a vapour is not any ordinary liquid. It is a mixture of four important components in varying quantities. Some of the eliquids may have one or two fewer or additional components. This mixture will have one of the two liquids propylene Glycol or vegetable glycerine. To this water, nicotine and flavouring are added. The strength of nicotine can usually be chosen from four levels, high, medium, low and nil. Each liquid cartridge can come with different flavouring. Every manufacturer produces many varieties of liquids with different flavours. There is also significant difference between PG and VG. These are the components that decide the kind of vape that is produced. Propylene Glycol is considered to give a more intense throat hit than vegetable glycerine. VG is a thicker liquid and produces a sweet taste and flavour to the smoke. But it also produces voluminous clouds of smoke which some smokers might enjoy. Before buying many cartridges of an eliquid filled with PG, you should give it a trial. Some people might be allergic to PG and it might cause throat irritation for some people with a phlegm problem.

 How Should You Choose the Right Eliquid?

If you know about electronic cigarettes, you would also know that eliquid used inside them are responsible for the cloud of vapour produced by these electronic cigs. The most important element to consider when buying an ecig is the liquid. Some manufacturers have designed their products in a way that other brand eliquids may not be used in their cigarettes. Hence when buying an expensive ecig, you should ensure that you will be able to use any refill on the cig. There are a lot of flavours available in these liquid refills that limiting yourself to a single flavour may not be fun. When choosing the liquid, the top two things you should look for are nicotine strength and PG/VG.

Eliquid mixing

The strength of nicotine in your liquid is much important if you want to stay off from the cigarettes. If the strength of the particular cigarette is too low, the satisfaction will not be attained and there will be craving for a real cigarette. If the strength is too high, you might feel light headedness and you might not like the vape and others. The nicotine strength you use must be similar to the levels of nicotine your body used to get from earlier cigarettes. If you were a heavy smoker, high strength liquid can be chosen. If you were a light smoker, low or medium strength liquid can be chosen.