Even though dental care is very much advanced now compared to how it used to be back in the day, more people are still suffering from tooth loss. Most of them are due to tooth decay, injury, or periodontal disease. Decades ago, dental treatment options for missing teeth would be bridges and dentures. But now, you can already get implants from the best dental implants centre Singapore.

Dental Implants – What Are They?

These days, more and more people are interested in getting dental implants. You probably already heard of them and you might be interested to get one yourself. But what are they? Dental implants are simply replacement tooth roots. These implants would be able to provide your permanent or removable replacement teeth a strong foundation. They are made to also match your teeth.

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Advantages of Dental Implants

There are so many reasons why you should get a dental implant. If you are curious why you should, then here are some of the most important reasons that you can ponder upon:

  • Improve Your Appearance. How can you show your perfect smile when you have a missing tooth/teeth? If you want to improve your smile and your overall appearance, you should get dental implants because they will look and feel like your own set of teeth. They are designed to fuse with the bone which is why they become permanent.
  • Comfortable Eating. If you have missing teeth, it would be difficult to eat properly. Even if you have sliding dentures, it would still be difficult to chew. With dental implants, they would function like your own teeth. This way, you would be able to enjoy food without pain and difficulty.
  • Better Oral Health. If you are worried about getting rid of more teeth, then this is not something to be scared of with dental implants. The nearby teeth will not be changed at all just to support the implant. More of your teeth will be left intact. This means that you will have an improved long-term oral health. Individuals who have dental implants can easily have access between their teeth, thus will have better oral hygiene.
  • Removable dentures are too much work. You would need messy adhesives just to keep them in place. If you choose to have dental implants, they can eliminate the embarrassing inconvenience of removing dentures. There’s no more need to spend more on adhesives either.

Dental Implants – Who Is It For?

If you are in doubt if you can get dental implants or not, as long as you are healthy enough to undergo a dental extraction or oral surgery, then you can be considered for the procedure. A patient should have healthy gums. He or she should also have enough bone to hold this implant. If you decide to have a dental implant, you should also be committed to having good oral hygiene as well as regular dental visits.

If you are smoking, had radiation therapy to your head or neck area, or if you are suffering from uncontrolled chronic diseases like heart problems or diabetes, then you need to be further evaluated for the procedure. If you are considering dental implants, talk to your dentist right now to see if this is the right option for you and your missing tooth.