With the increasing number of people suffering from chronic diseases, like obesity and being overweight, the awareness among the people to lose weight and lead a healthy life is now gaining momentum. This has led the people to look for various methods that could help them lose weight efficiently and permanently.

One of the best methods to lose weight gradually is by consuming apple cider vinegar. This not only helps in reducing your weight and burning the fat deposits but also has a great positive effect on the body by helping all the major organs. Consuming raw and pure apple cider vinegar, like the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar helps in burning extra fats, increasing the body metabolism, keeping the heart healthy, keeping the insulin levels of the body in check, detoxifying the body, and even keeping the skin healthy.

If this has convinced you to consume apple cider vinegar regularly, here’s how can do it:

Apple cider vinegar in its raw and pure form is acidic in nature and cannot be consumed directly as it could have adverse effects on the body. However, you can consume it by diluting it and then drinking it, which doesn’t have any adverse effect on the body. Here’s how you can prepare apple cider vinegar for consumption:

Preparing apple cider vinegar for consumption

  • Mix 2 or 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a cup of water or a glass of water. If the mixture is still strong for you, you can add more water.
  • Once you add water to it, make sure you stir it well before consumption.
  • If you don’t want to have it with water, you can also add it to your fruit juice or tea all you need to make sure that the tea is not too hot.
  • You can also add the apple cider vinegar to your salads; just make sure it’s not more than 2-3 tablespoons.

When can you consume apple cider vinegar?

Now as you know how to prepare apple cider vinegar for consumption, you might be confused on when to consume it. Well, the best time to consume apple cider vinegar is just after you wake up in the morning when your stomach is completely empty. You can also have it in the evening, you just need to make sure that your stomach is not completely full.

However, if you’re looking to consume apple cider vinegar for losing weight, you can consume it 30 minutes before you have your meals. What this does is reduces your appetite and helps your body to digest the proteins. It also leads to breaking down of the fat cells accumulated in the body and helps you in losing weight gradually.

If you’re trying apple cider vinegar for the first time, it’s recommended that you start with a small dosage of 1 tablespoon and then gradually increase the amount to not more than 3 table spoons. However, if you’re not a big fan of the taste of apple cider vinegar but are intrigued by the health benefits it brings with it, you can add certain things that could help you consume it.\

You can add honey, cinnamon, lemon, maple syrup, garlic, and many other things in the apple cider vinegar, which will not only help you consume it easily but also will provide additional health benefits. However, with a large variety of apple cider vinegar products available in the market, you must make sure that the one you choose is pure, raw, and free from adulterants, like the Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar.