A knee scooter can always be an alternative to the crutches for those who are recovering from a knee, ankle, foot or leg injuries or have gone through some surgeries. These are also known as the leg walkers or knee cruiser- knee scooter is designed to provide mobility aids and to enhance the independence while allowing your injuries to heal.

They resemble a plush scooter of a child, with the addition of a little-elevated platform along with a pad where you comfortably rest your knees. Also, when using a knee scooter, limited-to-no upper body strength is needed, this means that you have fewer chances of back sprain and fatigue that can somehow occur when using crutches.

Well move around, you have to stay natural in the upright position, you must use your healthy foot and leg in order to propel it forward as well as transverse. The handlebars of the scooter are used to turn the front wheel that makes it easier for you to navigate in several directions.  Some models of the knee scooter have 3 wheels for greater turning and alertness. Whereas, the other features like 4 wheels enhance stability during the use

The position of the knee pad is designed specially to make sure that the injured leg, knee or foot remains comfortable and in one place with no experience of weight bearing impact. A wheeled knee scooter is very easy to transport. It is very lightweight and can easily be folded to fit anywhere at your house.

Advantages of buying a Knee scooter

Some Selection Tips

Well, there are varieties of models available from which you can choose- you can also rent your knee scooter if you need it for short period of time. To make sure that you find a model that is sized accurately and satisfies your needs always test drive some models.

You must not feel like you are highly exerting your energy when using a scooter. In fact, it should be able to glide across a surface and must be easy to steer. Also, you should also feel stable when you are driving the scooter. Additionally, when you stop and rest your knee on the pad, it should feel supportive and provide you with the capability to adjust it to a height of your choice.

Talking about the handlebars- then they should be adjustable in order to get the best possible function. Always test the handlebar brakes to ensure that you are comfortable when operating one. Check the weight capacity to make sure that the model you are considering to buy does not mismatch your requirements. Lastly, before you finalize your scooter, just ask to see the warranty in order to understand what is being covered.