Before boarding an aircraft to the UK from anywhere, the passengers must show evidence of a clean PCR or lateral flow (LFD) pre-departure test. It must be taken at least 48 hours before travel and applies to vaccinated commuters, also individuals aged 12 and up. Airlines will get compelled to check for pre-departure tests alongside a filled passenger locator form, and people will get denied boarding unless they can provide proof of a null test result. Even with encouraging recent reports about COVID-19 vaccine research, it will be some time before vaccines are available to the broader public. The pre-departure PCR test in Singapore which helps the public in the best way.

The following are the advantages of All Clear SalivaDirect COVID-19 testing:

Scientists and medical personnel regard RT-PCR as a reliable and well-documented method. Because RT-PCR is so prevalent in study and medicine, the method to screen for COVID-19 is already in place.

  • RT-PCR can identify present disease infections, enabling medical personnel to establish who is and is not infected.
  • Targets up to 7 bytes in length get amplified.
  • Taq PCR Reaction Blend provides the same excellent results as Taq DNA Polymerase in a more accessible format. There is a pre-departure PCR test in Singapore, which is useful for people to travel.
  • Because of the multiple pipet steps, the risk of contamination gets reduced.

Ease of Use:

The saliva-based test is non-invasive and does not require the collection of samples by medically qualified employees. Saliva samples are simple to collect and do not involve the inconvenience of introducing a swab. Saliva is more acceptable to gather as a self-collected sample, particularly for those who require frequent testing.

West End Test Centre - Press Office - Newcastle University

Fast Notification Time:

The current notification time for the Saliva test is one business day, whereas the response time for regular tests is two to three days or based on demand.

Widespread testing:

By finding pre-symptomatic and asymptomatic carriers, saliva tests can expand access to testing and limit spread by reducing costs, speed, and precision.

Good Sensitivity and Specificity:

The spit test has high sensitivity and specificity. Saliva Direct has been verified, with an accuracy of 94% recorded. The saliva test has a 94% sensitivity and very few erroneous results.

Simple, low-risk collection:

The self-collection procedure lowers on-site processing periods and direct interaction with others, lowering the risk of cross-infection with others and making it perfect for frequent testing for asymptomatic people.

Maintain social distance:

By collecting the test sample yourself, you are prevented from going to a medical facility or testing location and limit your interaction with others, including front-line medical employees.