For most people, when they have a friend or family member that has drug addiction, they will automatically recommend them to a public rehab. Public rehab is cheap and easy to get admitted. But what they don’t realize is that there is a high percentage of patients that are discharged in the same condition as when they first enter the facility. You are wasting time when you go to a public rehab to receive recovery from drug addiction.

recovery from drug addiction

When people think about luxury rehab, they may criticize it as being luxurious and will only be a waste of money to join their program. A lot of people don’t know that luxury rehab is better and more effective than public rehab because of the high quality treatment procedure that they offer. It costs money to hire expert doctors, therapists, and counselors to give patients the best results at the luxury rehab.

At the public rehab, it is harder to make recovery because of the unpleasant environment. The place where the patients eat and sleep are always unhygienic. At the luxury rehab, there are janitors coming to mop and sweep the place to keep it clean every day. There is free housekeeping services for your room every day. You get private room or only have to share with one room mate.

It can be a rewarding experience to join a luxury rehab program. Everything you see is luxury and nice, and this can help to soothe your mind and focus on recovery. It is like you are taking a relaxing vacation at a luxury five star hotel when you join the luxury rehab center. All the expensive facilities like infinity swimming pool, gym, spa, golf club and expensive dining all can be found at the rehab center. There is a large network of garden with many fountains and benches at the facility. Please go to for more details.

Staying at a luxury rehab will keep your lifestyle discipline. There is a timetable where your daily activities are being determined. Every day, you will attend several program such as group therapy, individual counseling, or other therapy treatment. There is a time to eat and sleep and exercise to ensure that you live a healthy lifestyle. It will be a complete change in you when you start to follow the healthy lifestyle. In your addiction, you may be skipping meals and not sleeping at all. Here at the rehab, your body will start to recover completely as it gets enough nourishment and rest.

In group therapy, you will get to talk with other addicts in the group. The counselor may divide the addicts into several groups. You and the members in your group will discuss about each other’s addiction problem. Through communicating with others, you can get encouragement from others. Encouragement plays an important role in helping an addict to recover. It helps them to view life in a more positive way and get motivated to complete the recovery program.

The luxury rehab is strict and does not allow patients to bring in any drug. Patients are also not allowed to see or talk to outsiders during their stay at the facility. This can completely cut off your connection with bad peers who are influencing you to take drugs. When you are away from the bad influence in your home, you can recover faster.