Sauna blankets are comparable to infrared saunas, which heat your body directly with infrared radiation rather than heating the air around you as a regular sauna does. This means that the temperature and humidity in an infrared sauna are lower than in a traditional sauna. Instead of up to 200°F and 35 percent humidity in a regular sauna, you may expect temperatures of roughly 120-140°F and humidity of only 5%.

These settings, however, are still sufficient to heat your body and induce you to sweat, so you get all of the same benefits in a less intense environment.

A sauna blanket is essentially the same thing as a sauna towel. You cover yourself in the blanket and turn it on, then sit back and relax – while sweating.

So, let’s have a look at all of the advantages of the best infrared sauna blankets can provide.

Boost Your Heartbeat:

A sauna’s first action is to increase your heart rate, which has a variety of cardiovascular health benefits. When your body temperature rises, your heart rate raises to help your body cool down.

Sauna users are less likely to suffer from sudden cardiac arrest, coronary heart disease, or cardiovascular disease, according to research.

sauna blanket

Boost Circulation:

Because the heat of a sauna encourages your heart to beat quicker, it also causes more blood to be pumped around your body, which benefits your heart health.

This is beneficial for folks who have poor circulation since it guarantees that blood reaches your hands and feet. It may also aid in the softening of rigid blood arteries, lowering the risk of cardiac problems.

Stress Reduction:

One of the most obvious benefits of utilizing a sauna is that it relieves stress, which is supported by both anecdotal data and scientific proof.

If we’re talking about conventional sit-in saunas, it’s hardly unexpected that sitting in a dimly lit room filled with steam with nothing to do except relax and sweat is linked to reduced stress.

It’s possible that using a sauna blanket isn’t exactly the same – and you’ll almost certainly miss out on the social component.

There’s no reason why sweating in a blanket can’t have the same calming effects as sitting in a wood sauna if you shut everything else out and establish your own sauna blanket ritual, potentially by putting on some calming spa-style music and turning off your phone.