By using the simplest words, it can be explained that psychotherapy is a treatment that uses words, conversations. Psychotherapy might just seem as something simple. You are sitting across the therapist and talking about the problems you are experiencing, but that is not it. According to P&C Rehab Service psychotherapy is a complex process that requires serious understanding and commitment.

It doesn’t just involve lying on the couch and talking like you’ve seen it on TV. It is a bit different. Because therapists use real techniques to help you permanently solve the problems you have. This is all the opposite compared to medication therapy. But sometimes it does include medications to help the process of healing. Because there are a lot of impatient people who want to get better overnight. None of these treatments can make you feel better in one day, but unfortunately there are still some people who believe in that which is why they often decide to take pills.

The therapeutic conversation is different from the one that includes talking to your best friend, member of the family or any other person. With therapy, the doctor will listen to everything that you have to say and analyze your opinions and thoughts. During the therapy the doctor will use a wide variety of psychological techniques to get the most out of you and help you of course. These sessions often give a positive experience allowing you to adapt to it and change your life for better.


It is a fact that psychotherapists are real experts in the field of mental health who have undergone complicated multi – year education to be what they are. Psychologists are intelligent people who have a lot of background knowledge and know how to handle difficult situations. The quality and effectiveness of each treatment depends on the therapeutic modality, type of therapy, skills of the therapist, motivation as well as proper communication between the doctor and the patient.

Depending on what kind of issues you have and how serious they are, the psychotherapy can even last for a few years until fully recovered. It is important to regularly visit therapy if you need it in order to feel better about yourself. A good guided psychotherapy session has a lot of positive benefits such as: eliminating and getting rid of the symptoms one by one. Psychotherapy provides a personal growth and development. First of all, you need to accept yourself and love yourself in order to love other people. Believe in yourself and do not depend on others. Everyone can do that.

Psychotherapy sessions last for 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the problems. All the conversations are private and the therapist is not allowed to share anything with anyone since it will be a violation of privacy. It is one thing the patient to share the conversation with a close person and it is a completely other for the doctor to share the conversations they had with the patient.