Screening the job applicants for any potential drug abuse has become a routine procedure for employers today. The various drug testing procedures employed by the include saliva test, blood test, urine test and hair follicle test. Here we would be discussing about urine analysis at length. Generally the test is conducted by giving a single sample but at times multiple samples can also be asked. Typical drugs that could be screened by the urine test include heroine, cocaine, nicotine and also alcohol. How to pass urine drug test? Passing these drug tests can be a daunting task for many as it is about ones job, career and future.

Today there are many methods available on the internet which might just help you trick these tests.

Commonly Used techniques to pass the drug test

The most common technique that one can use is drinking lots and lots of water. The more water you drink before the test the more urine you pass. Hence this will ultimately result in decreased drug ratios in the urine. But this might not be guaranteed solution as it can be detected. Flushing might be the most common and cheapest way, but beware not to over hydrate yourself. Doing so may damage the internal organs.

How to pass urine drug test? Try taking aspirin a couple of hours before the test. A dosage of 3-4 aspirins before the test might do the trick as it would alter the ph levels. This might leave you a little light headed but there is nothing much to be worried about. Exercising everyday will help you sweat much and thereby detoxifying you body from toxins. It is better to flush the toxins in the form of sweat then flushing out through urine. One of the home remedy that might help is the consumption of cranberry juice or supplements as it is a natural diuretic. These facilitate the removal of sodium and other toxins from the body. Using cranberry might not be sufficient alone but coupling it with other techniques might help.

Another method which is has been reported to be successful is the use of 250mg of zinc sulphate. Taking one dose in the night before the test and taking one in the morning directs the toxins into the faecal tract rather than the urinary tract.

Avoiding alcoholic beverages and smoking is also a good precaution to be exercised before the test. When you know about your test it is very important to pay attention to your eating habits as eating junk foods might slow down the detoxification process. Eat lots of fruits, vegetables, proteins etc a week prior to the test.

There are certain cautions that need to exercise just before going for the test. Remain calm and relaxed and try not to take test early in the morning. Scheduling it later for the day might help as in the morning urine contains most contaminates. The tips and techniques listed above might not be sure shot solutions but they do give you a brighter chance.