Wearing clothes has always been a challenge for Disabled, Agedand peoplewith less mobility. Here is our effort to bring to help you how to take Aged Care. With too many designer clothes readily available in the market that makes the life of these people experience challenges the Adaptive Clothing on the other side had made it easier for them with respect to dressing in their day to day life. The reasons might be severalfrom person to person as few people face problem pulling their zips, putting a knot, managing buttons on their shirts or trousers, or they might be suffering from arthritis, or may be unable to move their arms and shoulders to some extent. For such people this type of designer clothing is the best solution having back open or Stitched with Velcro (Hook or Loop), studs or elastic. These set of clothing allows them to be independent and stylish and keeps them away from lending help from others to wear their clothes.

How does it benefit Aged Care?

It has always been challenging to put on clothes for people who are disabled, elderly, and bed ridden.With this new arrival of clothing taking care of Aged has been easy in this in this modern era. It is also widely adapted in many hospitals to dress their patients in the form of gowns to make them comfortable while wearing them. One can purchase this type of clothing with respect to their loved ones body size. The NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) supplies these types of clothes and funds to the needy and also delivers worldwide to help the disabled or with less mobility.These clothes are not just for disabled but any other independent individual can also wearthem to feel comfortable and manage to wear in less time. There are also someother alternativeproducts and solutions to help hospital clothing and gowns to perform Aged caring. Mostly wore to patients suffering from dementia, heart attack, parkinson’s, arthritis, autism, MND, wheelchair and diabetics.

Other services for Aged Care

There wide range of clothing includes nightwear, open back trousers, onesies, dignity suites, side opening trousers, tops, cardigans,dresses, polo shirts and poncho’s. They even supply footwear that includes slippers, shoes and non slip socks, clothing. They even cater supply of adult bibs or what we call meal protectors with hospital clothing for handling Aged careand the patientsin dissoluteness aids.

Also be aware of their other services which are provided along with clothing for theAged.The other services for Agedinclude:Carers Victoria, Alzheimer’s Australia, Arthritis Australia, COTA Australia, DoAbility, LASA (Leading Age Services Australia and My Aged care.

Benefits of this Clothing

One can benefit in many ways with this type of clothing asittakes less time to dressand makes easier for people, reduces any uncertain risk associated with the individual like falling down, the carers and staff, helping one to gain self identity and self worth making individuals independent, providing best quality fabrics and products to make them comfortable and fashionable by offering best choice with wide range of clothes that are truly reasonable and available at affordable price.


Now that the clothing needs from person to persondiffers, one should opt them to ease the Aged or bed ridden, disabled or senior most to get adapted with Adaptive Clothing as it is the best option to satisfy their clothing needs on daily basis. This type of caring clothing gives one pride. Here pride means P-Pride, R-Respect, I-Independence, D-Dignitiy and E-Excellence. Their entire range of clothingthat is seasonal and stylish made with modern designs. These clothes areperfectly durable, comfortable, fashionable, washable and practical. Adapt their designs and functionality for your aged and disabled to make their dressing sense easier, safer and more dignified.