Every human has some bacteria in their mouth, but there is always a balance between that quantity and the body’s defense mechanism. If something now makes this balance vanish, the person develops mouth infections. If only a portion of the tooth emerges from behind the gum, the operculum, an area that is ideal for bacterial growth, is established. Therefore, patients with semi-implanted wisdom teeth occasionally experience infections brought on by those teeth. Additionally, you should be aware that even if the wisdom tooth is covered, these diseases will still develop surrounding the teeth.

Types of Infections Caused by Semi-hidden Wisdom Teeth

As a dentist providing wisdom teeth extraction in Toronto describes, both acute and chronic pericoronitis, as it is known in medicine, can affect people and cause swelling of the gums when there is no room for the wisdom teeth to erupt.

Acute type: According to a dentist at an emergency dental care in Toronto, this process starts suddenly and causes severe pain, fever, and swelling in a short period. Sometimes, it has been seen that this infection even reaches the neck and cheeks.

Chronic type: This type of infection, most of the time, does not have any specific symptoms and only sometimes occurs with frequent mild pains.

A semi-hidden wisdom tooth infection is diagnosed through an examination that a dentist performs on your tooth. He will check around your wisdom teeth to see if your gums are infected. After these examinations, your treatment period begins, which in some cases requires surgery.

Prevention of Semi-implanted Wisdom Tooth Infection

To prevent this infection, you must follow your oral hygiene carefully. You should also ensure that food particles do not accumulate under the gums. Using a toothbrush and dental floss daily and regularly can also be very effective in preventing this issue. The occurrence of this problem can cause bad breath, which is not pleasant for anyone. Therefore, it is better to prevent the infection of a semi-hidden wisdom tooth so as not to suffer from this problem.

What Is the Care After Semi-implanted Wisdom Tooth Surgery?

  • Do not remove the sterile gauze that the dentist placed on the surgical site for up to an hour because sterile gas prevents the intensification of bleeding.
  • To reduce the pain after anesthesia, you can use the pain reliever prescribed by your dentist.
  • Heavy activity is prohibited after semi-hidden wisdom tooth surgery!
  • Do not use a straw to drink liquids.
  • Regularly wash your mouth with water and salt solution.

If you have a semi-hidden wisdom tooth, it is better to think about it now. Even if you still do not feel any pain in your mouth and teeth, it does not mean that the situation is good in your mouth and between your teeth. A dentist will provide the best judgment of your mouth and teeth condition. In this situation, according to your condition, the dentist will suggest wisdom tooth surgery to prevent your mouth and teeth problems in the future. Therefore, it is better to make an appointment as soon as possible.