Now in the world the heavily discussed an alternative food for health is indigestible food is carrageenan which is extracted from the red algae and is it is used mostly for the purpose of the thickness f the food and or stabilize the food. These food contain seaweeds which will used for the purpose of the jelly the food items and also for the thickness. But now days there should be a healthy conscious because of the usage of these in the form of refined one. It is commonly used for the purpose of the non diary milk products which are like almond milk and coconut milk. The people one who are in the diet and follow this means they will continue to take these.

Different types:

According to the properties of the chemical it should be different in few types. But the main difference is the degraded one and the non degraded one. While considering the main difference of these two items is the molecular weight of that product only. By the recommendation of the food committee the non degraded product is useful for the purpose of the food products, but the degraded is not a recommended one. But in the field both are called as in the same name but it is mostly different in chemical properties and separate in compounds. Also this degraded one is also called as poligeenan.



            It is widely used for the two main purposes. In conventional medicine it is an active ingredient in solutions which are used to treat all the things from the coughs to intestinal problems. It helps to decrease the pain and the swelling. Then also it is from the peptic users. Then it must not include any constraints of the nutritional value, it is used just for the purpose of the thickening the agent and also the purpose of the wide variety of foods, then the healthcare products like the tooth paste. Suppose if you are lived in United States you will not able to avoid it. Here many of the food manufacturers like the commercial food makers are adding these in their product for the purpose of thicker consistency like the food chocolate, soya milk, and in ice cream to give lower level fat resistency. The milk products,, nutritional shakes and for the milk replacements it will added. Here the important one we have to notice that is there is no other nutrition value when you add these. If the company will printed in the product shake well means that types are product. While considering it to the natural system it is particularly distractive to nature system The cornucopia institute created a buying a guide to help the people for the shopping the free products. But the companies are interested to use this in the reformulated one.

As told as early it is good but they suggest avoiding in the sense of regular usages these advices mainly for the person who is under the bowel disease. .