We all go to a dental clinic for our dental care. You can find private clinics around the city or in a government hospital. The moment you come inside, of course, expect a long queue in the waiting area. Most of the time, the doctor is busy inside and you will just find him assisting a patient out of the small room and then sits down to give prescriptions. After that, he will tell his assistant to call the next patient to ask what is wrong with his teeth. That is actually a usual situation inside a dental clinic.

Aside from the patients, who comes in and out of the clinic, we often see a lot of equipment, posters and teeth figures around. The office of the dentist is also there and it is just small. He usually has a table in one corner and just a little personal stuff on his table. And then, let us not forget the filing cabinet, where they are keeping every patient’s record. If you are going to observe a clinic, it actually looks boring. But, have you ever check the other small room with all those apparatus, machinery and equipment? If you are not very much familiar with these, then we have them here for you.

Examination Instruments

When you are already seated on this special patient seat, the first thing that the dentist will do is to examine your teeth. So, they will use mouth mirrors and probes to check the teeth for cavities, regions, junctions and gums.

They also need scalers, excavators and chisels to remove the tartar, cavity and dentine. These instruments are all made of stainless steel material. Of course, do not expect a good dentist to use instruments with rusts because that is not safe.

You should not feel afraid when you see the doctor or his assistant setting up the instruments in the laboratory room. The dentist will not actually use every instrument on the table. They were preparing just in case they are needed. The tools that the dentist will use to treat your concern will always depend on your situation. Anyway, after the dentist examines the tooth, he will discuss with you what the possible treatment is. So, both of you must agree with the procedure.

Local Anesthesia

One reason why some people are afraid to see a doctor is because of the pain that they may feel when the dentist is removing the tooth. But, there is nothing to be afraid of because doctors are now using a local anesthesia to lessen the pain during this minor operation.

A local anesthesia may somehow affect the patient’s nervous system, but it is an anesthetic drug that may be injected to the gums, where the tooth will be removed. You may go to this site, if you would like to learn about the use of a local anesthesia.

Do not worry about this anesthesia because it will not bring you to sleep. This is just needed for you not to feel pain. And then, do not be worried, if you will feel like you have distorted your mouth when gargling or drinking a glass of water. This feeling is actually normal.

Digital Dental Technology

Since we are already in the digital age, then expect our dental laboratories or clinics to be using high tech equipment. It would be great, if every dental clinic can afford to purchase these advance equipments to reduce workload.

One of these technologies is the CAD/CAM or the Computer Assisted Design, Computer assisted manufacture. This allows dental restorations or fabrication of inlays, crowns and veneers. With this technology, you may complete your dental restoration in just a day. Therefore, saving your time and effort.

Some dental clinics also have a Cone Beam Computerized Tomography, which allows the dentist to have a look of the oral anatomy in 3D form. This would be very helpful in tooth implant process. They also use a Diagnodent to detect cavities. It would be great to have an Intra-Oral Camera for producing a more accurate image of your teeth. And then, they also have Digital X-rays for capturing dental images.Why don’t you visit https://guildfordtowncentredental.com/dental-technology/, to know more about this dental technology?