Also known as flank pain, side pain can raise alarms since we are more used to stomach pain, constipation, stomach upsets. The pain occurs at the sides and the back of your abdomen. Side pain is associated with discomfort on the left or right side of the body. It may not be too frequent. The reason as to why side pain is called flank pain is that it occurs in the meaty area at the sides of the body in between the hips and the ribs. The side pain may spread towards the back. Some people are more susceptible to side pain signs from certain conditions. Although flank pain is often related to kidney diseases, there other causes of side pain such as infection, inflammation, and trauma. The pain also comes as a result of excessive physical activity, or excess stress or complete inactivity. There are some simple and best exercises for side pain as well as medical solutions available.

Some diseases and disorders whose symptom is the side pain might also cause inflammation, fever, flu, cough, and abdominal pain. Now the pain may be felt, and after some time, it may disappear or persist for a long time. If the pain persists, we advise you to seek medical attention from experts. Once you experience the side pain, it may be communicating to you that you have one of the following diseases or disorders. Kidney stones, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), kidney infection, pancreatitis, ulcer or tumor in the stomach, ectopic pregnancy especially for women, polycystic ovarian syndrome also in women, diverticulitis, pulled stomach muscle, Crohns disease or Ulcerative colitis. All these diseases have side pain as a symptom unless you had a strenuous exercise which has the same effects but short lived.

However, if you cannot explain the cause of your side pain in that it is excessive and you did not strain, overwork or engage in excess physical exercise, then you should seek medical attention immediately to take a diagnostic test to find out the cause of the pain. If you can attribute the pain to heavy physical exercise, difficult constant task, injury, heavy weight lifting, then you should take a rest and stay away from any activity that may result to stress on the left side of your body. In such a scenario, we recommend that you do simple best exercises for side pain which helps reduce the pain and give you relief.

Some of the exercises include the vertical bend where you are supposed to lean forward to allow the spine to release muscle and nerve tension. The vertical bend is done on a flat hard surface while standing, with legs apart. In this position bend with your arms stretched and try to touch the toes. You should hold on that position for about ten seconds then get back to the upright position. Do it ten times a day for two weeks. The side pain will ease.

Side bend is also among the best exercises for side pain. It helps relieve muscles of pain and tension. To achieve side bend, place hands on hips while on a flat hard surface, and bend to the sides. The exercise should be repeated as the vertical bend for two weeks.