If you use medical marijuana in dry herb or wax form, you’ve probably already heard about the medical benefits of using vaporizers. A marijuana vaporizer can reduce your exposure to toxins and is gentler to the airways than smoking wax or dry herbs. While this is enough of a reason to invest in a vaporizer pen or portable vaporizer for your medical needs, there is another big reason too–doing so can save you money!

Why Vaping Is More Economical

When you smoke dry herbs or weed as joints, a bong, or a pipe, the majority of what you’re inhaling is impurities. Vapor consists primarily of the active ingredients found in marijuana, the compounds that give cannabis its medicinal benefits. As a result, vapor is more potent than smoke, and a little of it can provide the same benefits as smoking a much larger quantity. Studies have found that you can vape 25 times longer than you can smoke equal amounts of dry herbs. With a vaporizer for weed, it’s possible to get more medical treatment sessions from each purchase of medicinal marijuana.

As a quick comparison, .1 grams of finely ground dry herbs will allow you to vape continuously for about 3 to 4 minutes with the best portable vaporizer 2018 models. Smoking the same amount in a bong or pipe will generally only be enough for a single hit. Economical Vaporizer Options

While it’s true that vaping is more cost effective over time, you do have to make a larger initial investment to use a weed vaporizer instead of smoking wax or dry herbs; however, not all vaporizers are expensive. The following weed vaporizer models are efficient and are more affordably priced when you consider their features and value:

  1. Magic Flight Launch Box. Handcrafted out of wood, the Magic Flight Launch Box or MFLB has a very simplistic, yet powerful design. When you want to vape, you simply load the unit and then push in the battery to heat up your material. Then, you can draw through the mouthpiece to inhale the vapor. This marijuana vaporizer can be used for dry herbs and for waxy concentrates and sells for just $114 on VaporPlants.com.
  1. QuickDraw 300. Perfect for use on the go, the QuickDraw 300 is a vaporizer pen that works with dry herbs, waxes, and oils. The pen has a smart cartridge system that makes setting it up easy, and it automatically recognizes which chamber you’re using and adjusts its heating action accordingly. The vape pen comes in an array of colors and sells for only $99 at VaporPlants.com.

  1. KandyPens K-Vape. Made for dry herbs, the KandyPens K Vape uses convection technology to gradually heat up herbs, creating high quality vapor with a steady consistent flow. A little more advanced than the previous models, this portable vaporizer has three temperature settings, allowing you to customize your vaping experience. The vaporizer sells for $99 at VaporPlants.com

These are just three of the marijuana vaporizers that are available to help you get more out of your medicinal weed. For help selecting the best portable vaporizer or vaporizer pen for your specific needs, feel free to contact VaporPlants customer service team here.