Martial arts of all varieties are incredibly popular, with dozens of people taking up jujitsu, taekwondo and karate every day. The prominence of Ronda Rousey and Conor McGregor means that mixed martial arts has reached a global stage and has gained legions of fans over a very short space of time. This is a great way to stay fit and to channel your aggression.

When you are doing any kind of martial art, you need to make sure that you wear the right clothing. A pair of breathable shorts is the first thing that you should purchase before you think about gum shields, arm guards and protective clothing.

Why are breathable shorts so important for martial arts practice?

They Allow You To Pull Off Complex Moves

Sports like karate, wrestling and jujitsu demand that you pull off lots of complex manoeuvres in a short space of time. You should buy some Skins Kompression shorts so that you can move with freedom and gain the upper hand on your opponent. Try out several different pairs so that you find one which gives you the most amount of flexibility when you are moving.

You should perform stretching exercises in the shorts so that they mould perfectly to your movements and will not become ripped.

They Will Prevent You From Getting Injured On A Regular Basis

You need to watch how to train and fight so that you won’t get injured on a regular basis. When you are getting injured on a regular basis this will severely impact your ability to perform when you are finally fit. Test out several different pairs of shorts so that you can figure out which ones prevent injuries the most effectively.

They Allow You To Go For A Run After You Have Trained

After you have trained, you might want to go for a leisurely jog, just so your muscles have a chance to warm down gradually. You can simply slip another pair of shorts over the skin-tight breathable ones and the head outside to go running in public.

This is important if you are going to prevent yourself from getting injured by not warming down properly. You will also be building up your cardiovascular strength so that you can last longer in the rounds that you are fighting.

Make sure that you are not sprinting after your training sessions because this could damage your hamstrings and you might not be able to train the next day. Experiment with different pairs and decide which ones allow you to run the easiest.

They Give You The Opportunity To Perform Yoga After Your Session Is Over

Yoga is a useful discipline because it stretches all of your core muscles without placing a massive strain on your body. This is something that will help your mind relax after training as well as your body.

Take some time to choose the best shorts for martial arts.