Non-Invasive Versus Invasive Beauty Treatments

The latest buzz in beauty circles are galvanic skin treatments.  These treatments are administered in a spa or at home with a Fyolic facial massager. The Fyolic facial massager is a hybrid beauty machine that consists of both an ultrasound treatment and a galvanic treatment – all in the same unit. You simply apply gels or anti-aging creams to your skin and then turn the unit on. The massaging action provided by the ionic and ultrasound waves helps serums and lotions permeate the skin and also helps  removes water, fats and toxins.  Circulation is increased in the area treated and anything toxic is flushed away into the blood stream. The result is a more youthful appearance and a smooth, healthy wrinkle-free appearance.

The simple ritual of putting cream on your face and then applying a Fyola facial massager unit to your skin for about ten minutes is referred to as a non-invasive beauty treatment. Plastic surgery such as face lifts are invasive procedures because they involve cutting or removing fat or skin.

The Disadvantages of Plastic Surgery

Of course there are many disadvantages to having invasive plastic surgery. These include –

  • Risk of bleeding
  • Scarring at surgical site
  • Risk of infection
  • Risk of disfigurement
  • General anesthesia which can cause memory loss and physical impairment can be required
  • Non-reversible effects
  • Expensive
  • Bed rest is required’
  • Time off work is required
  • Potential addiction to post-surgical pain killers
  • Much too drastic of a change overnight

All of the above effects are quite risky to your general physical and psychological health. The only real advantage is that there is a dramatic change much faster. When you use the Fyolic face massager the effects take a lot longer to notice simply because it takes several treatments before any real change is noticed in your face. However it is quite common for people to look and feel different after even one or two treatments with the Fyolic face massager.

The Benefits of Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery

Fyolic facial treatments are called non-invasive plastic surgery because they achieve the same effect without the problematic side effects associated with having your skin cut into by a surgeon.

The benefits of Fyolic facial sculpting include –

  • No surgery’
  • No risk of infection
  • No risk of scarring’
  • No risk of bruising or bleeding
  • No recovery time needed at all
  • You can do it at home by buying your own unit – you do not even have to leave home
  • Much less expensive than the cost of plastic surgery
  • No hospital stay
  • No missed days at work (procedure can be done on your lunch hour)

Finally, once you have completed one of these treatments there will visible evidence that you have had anything done except that others will notice that you look subtly better somehow.  This is much preferable to having a sudden overnight change in appearance that shocks others.

Galvanic Treatments Make Your Skin Your Friend Again

Dealing With Difficult Skin

Do you have “difficult skin?”  Does it always embarrass you just before a big job interview or important date?

 Does it misbehave by –

  1. Breaking out into blackheads, pimples or acne with no notice
  2. Failing to absorb expensive creams
  3. Look inflamed or puffy (especially around the eyes)
  4. Giving you a black rim around your eyes that makes you look like a raccoon
  5. Develop jowls
  6. Developing creases and wrinkles
  7. Looking saggy
  8. Sporting a dirty or flaky looking texture
  9. Having enlarged pores
  10. Boasting an unattractive grey or pale tone?

If so then you can be helped by a galvanic ionic facial massager such as the Fyola massager. This is the only way to make your skin your friend again.

How Does the Fyola Facial Massager Work?

The Fyola facial massager is brand new technology from Japan that is a cross between an ultrasound wand and an ionic facial massager. The ultrasound conducts a mild electrical current that helps gently exfoliate the surface of the skin, increase circulation (which brings healing blood to the surface of the skin so that toxins and bacteria can be whisked away) and gently exfoliates it.

The ionic galvanizing component creates a polarity of energy that draws water away from the skin and helps flush away impurities. The end result is a less fatty, jowled look and a more attractive sculpted look to your face.

Special Talents of the Fyola Facial Massager

The Fyola facial massager actually performs some unusual functions. There are six different settings on the hand-held unit and each has a different purpose.

  1.    Cleansing
  2.    Massaging
  3.    Nutrition
  4.    Lifting
  5.    Whitening
  6.    Wrinkle Care

Cleansing and Massaging mode help remove waste
For instance if your goal is to massage and clean your face then select an electronic wave mode. This helps remove the waste beneath your skin.  This cleansing mod dissolves dirt, oils and other debris on the skin.

Nutrition and Lifting mode for skin firming
To help lift the skin so you do not look so haggard you should choose the lifting mode. If you are trying to nourish your skin with creams or whiten it with a lotion you should also do the nutrition mode. This is because this unique facial massager greatly helps increase the absorption and efficiency of your skin.  In turn, this allows it to become better nourished and also much healthier.  You can use the massaging mode for this move. It helps activate the metabolism of the cell in yours skin.

The nutrition mode on the unit helps massage products deep into the dermis of your skin tissues.  This ensures that the product is absorbed and utilized by your skin.

How to move Fyola galvanic facial machine around your face?

For best results move the facial machine around in circles on your skin. This will help lift and nourish your skin efficiently. After using the facial machine you should always wash your face as it is likely there will be dead skin cells flaking on the surface of it. You should then clean the treatment head of the machine with tissue to prevent bacteria growing on it.

All of this positive change can be accomplished simply by using the unit for five to ten minutes a day!