The plastic & cosmetic surgery is performed to enhance one’s looks and appearance by correcting the odd and deformities of physical built. The procedure of hair transplant is one of the most concerning jobs in the cosmetic surgery industry that regenerates the original hair roots from the patient’s own body and considered as a total original process.

Since the hair transplant procedure is a way to restore the original hair roots and a patient affected by the hair loss gets their own original hair back, this originality method of restoration sets this procedure apart from other cosmetic surgeries.

Around 60% of men of the total world population are affected by the genetic baldness or Androgenic alopecia and around 30% women are facing the female pattern hair loss. The data of hair loss patients have not just been increased by the genetic cause, but there is a role of the external factors as well. No matter, what the cause behind the occurrence of hair loss; but the fact is that every year around 60% of total world population is headed towards the hair restoration clinics.

The receiving of hair transplant procedure in India is the top choice owing to the benefits of the best possible treatment giving by the topmost Surgeons and Doctors. The cities like Jaipur & Delhi is considered as the cosmetic surgery hubs and people from all over the world used to join there to get the best surgical outcomes.

Nowadays, people from Bangalore, Pune, Kolkata and Chennai are also interested to take the procedure in Jaipur or Delhi as the hair transplant in Pune has less mass appeal as compared to other Northern states. In the context of cost, the hair transplant cost in Pune is comparatively higher than the Jaipur and Delhi and it also shares a factor for influencing patients to head towards other locations.

Why Hair Transplant Procedure has an Increased Appeal in the Cosmetic Surgery Industry are as follows:

  1. It Regenerates Hair Roots: The hair restoration procedure is a way to restore the original hair roots by the method of follicular unit transfer from the donor location to the recipient one via the process of hair root extraction, either FUT hair transplant or an FUE hair transplant. This is one of the best advantages of this procedure that gives a boost to one’s personality and facial profile by encouraging the growth of original hair roots.
  2. The Transplanted Hair lasted forever: The transplanted hair remains forever. Ones the hair roots are transferred or shifted to the location where is it needed to transplant; it remains there in the same place forever and successfully adopts the characteristic of original hair roots and behaves like normal hair. The transplanted hair grows normally without any maintenance or care and receives the same color, caliber, texture, and length.
  3. It gives natural looks by Natural Hairline design: The making of hairline design is one of the artistic parts of surgery performed by the hair transplant Surgeon. It requires an extreme sense of artistic knowledge, precision, and skills to perform it in a natural manner. By receiving the most natural hairline design with a zigzag pattern one can enjoy the beauty of natural hair. The expert Surgeon performs the hair restoration procedure in such a manner that they give the unnoticeable result with a densely-packed hair.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant is a very important concern that has strength of regenerating hair roots into the bald area and in this way it enhances one’s looks and facial profile by giving a head full of hair and weighs a topmost place in the plastic & the cosmetic surgery industry.