McCallum Place Eating Disorder Centers

McCallum Place Eating Disorder Center St Louis offers complete psychological, nutritional, and medical care. The treatment center is nationally acclaimed, and treats preadolescents, adolescents, and adult males and females. McCallum Place has a homey environment that is a great alternative to a traditional hospital setting.

McCallum Place is an Eating Disorder Treatment Center in St Louis Missouri that offers a variety of treatment options for patients. These options include:

  • 24-Hour Residential Treatment
  • Extended 10-Hr Partial Hospital Program
  • Traditional 6-Hr Partial Hospital Program
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Family Program

McCallum Place’s treatment team is attentive and strategic when planning eating disorder treatment programs. As a patient, you receive therapy tailored to meet your specific needs. Three separate progrmas for McCallum Place patients are:

  1. Preadolescents/Adolescents
  2. Adults
  3. Elite Athletes


The Victory Program

McCallum Place offers a signature program called Victory, for athletes who want to return to their sport after treatment. Treating athletes together allows them to learn strategies to deal with special risks. The Victory Program Staff helps athletes to prepare for a return to athletic training/competition.

Victory Program Staff

  • Sport Psychologist
  • Sport Dietitians
  • Athletic Trainer

The special Victory Program staff addresses special nutritional needs of athletes, and encourages building of mental toughness/positive body image.

It is important for patients to feel safe, and be part of a community during recovery. Therefore, McCallum Place staff divides patients into groups that share common life experiences.

Eating Disorders Treated by McCallum Place Eating Disorder Center

  • Anorexia Nervosa
  • Bulimia
  • Binge Eating Disorder
  • Compulsive Exercise
  • Comorbid Medical/Psychiatric Issues
  • Obesity Second to Eating Disorders

Along with intensive treatment for patients, McCallum Place also offers support and education programs to each patient’s loved ones. This ensures that the patient will have a strong support system during the recovery process.

Family Programs

  • Family Sessions (Weekly for Patients Under 18)
  • Multifamily Weekly Support Group
  • Family Based Coaching Group
  • Family Day (Third Saturday of Every Month)

Topics Discussed During Family Therapy:

  • Individual Core Struggles
  • Hungry Brain
  • ED Mindset/Function of Behaviors
  • Healthy Eating/Special Nutrition Needs
  • Role of Exercise
  • Risk Factors
  • Boundary Struggles
  • Emotional Balance
  • Self Care

Patients looking for treatment may have many concerns and expectations. Outcomes differ depending on the individual, but there are some basic goals that McCallum Place strives to meet.

McCallum Place Eating Disorder Treatment Goals

  • Restore Patient to Healthy Body Weight
  • Stabilize Symptoms & Medical Conditions
  • Reduce/Eliminate Harmful Behaviors (Bingeing, Purging, Compulsive Exercise)
  • Build Self-Esteem/Improve Body Image
  • Learn New Coping Skills
  • Learn Healthy Eating Habits

About 75% of patients with anorexia nervosa will continue to improve after treatment ends. 45% will have an excellent outcome. 30% will have noticeable improvement. Some patients may struggle with food or body image concerns for their entire lives.

Factors that Influence Success/Outcomes of Eating Disorder Treatment

  • Motivation to Change
  • Receiving Help at a Young Age
  • Short Length of Eating Disorder
  • Length of Absence from Bingeing/Purging
  • Commitment to Recovery Process
  • Acceptance of Full Weight Restoration