Chocolates are tempting and people belonging to all age groups just loves them and it is widely believed that chocolates lead to various ailments. But in parallel, researches are still experimenting to prove that chocolates are necessary for a healthy living. We would give you a detailed account of the reasons for having chocolates. So, enjoy sending Ferrero Rochers or Lindt chocolates to India for your loved ones on any festival.

Ferrero Rochers

  1. Your heart and its blood circulation functions in a better way with chocolates. If you don’t want the white blood cells to stick to the blood vessel walls which is the primary reason behind artery clogging, have a bite of dark chocolates daily.
  2. 17% of you falling prey to stroke is reduced if you consume chocolates. A group of researchers from Finland found that those people who eat chocolates daily have less inclination to stroke than those who don’t have chocolates daily.
  3. Rich minerals like potassium, selenium, and zinc are present in dark chocolates. Studies further reveal that a 100 gram bar of dark chocolate is able enough to provide you 67% of iron. As you find rich iron in chocolates, a molten form of chocolate would also help in reducing cholesterol level. Actually bad cholesterol is reduced by cocoa present in chocolates and increases the good cholesterol level in blood.
  4. Do you know that the flavonoids in chocolate helps in removing damage of your skin by sun? Yes, it is possible. So, for a glowing skin, make sure that you have chocolates.
  5. Don’t have chocolates after your meal. Instead have it before your meal. When you put that amazing piece of love in your mouth then take time to let it melt in your mouth. This way you would feel full enough and have less food. And eventually, it would help you in losing weight.
  6. If you are expecting a baby, have as much chocolates as you can. Studies have proved that babies of those mothers who have consumed lots of chocolates during pregnancy, smile a lot more than those babies whose mothers didn’t consume chocolates.

red-chocolates-potli7. Cocoa present in chocolates helps in improving insulin sensitivity. And therefore, dark chocolates may reduce your chances of diabetes attack.

8.Chocolate is good for a stronger memory and also in treating concussion, a brain disease. It’s all due to the flavonols that helps in reducing chances of memory loss in older age.

8. PEA or phenylethylamine is the chemical in your brain that makes you feel as if you are in love. This is the same chemical that your brain emits when you have chocolates. And therefore, you end up feeling better and happy.

9. Since ages, it is believed that nothing better can reduce your stress like the chocolates. Whenever you are feeling unwell due to increasing stress of personal and professional just put a piece of chocolate in your mouth.

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